Victoria Lomba is one of the most popular fitness models in the world. This gorgeous globetrotter of Spanish-Brazilian origins has become one of the best-paid and most engaged fitness stars. She committed herself to serious gym sessions fifteen years ago. Since at that time it was still quite unusual for a girl to work out so much, she became very intriguing for authorities in the fitness industry.

Thanks to her natural beauty, she achieved her initial success very fast and soon moved to the USA. But it was not until the Internet became a powerful medium that she reached international stardom.

Fitness is something you have to be able to see and observe. With the emergence of Facebook and MySpace, she was suddenly able post both her photos from competitions and her private photos on these groups.

The result was outstanding. Victoria’s Facebook page became one of the most visited of all fitness stars’ pages. When online media noticed her, she was finally given a one-direction ticket to global success. Later, when Instagram became the latest Internet craze, her popularity grew even more and today can be pronounced the fitness Queen of Social Groups.

Global Success

Over the last few years, Victoria has posed in front of cameras on almost every continent. Since her current base is Miami, she had numerous photo sessions with American photographers and media. It would take too much space to list all her US photo shootings, but I would only like to mention her FHM photo shooting and cooperation with Stephen Cain, which yielded a breath-taking collection of photos shot on the sand beaches of sun-bathed California.

As she rose to prominence in the USA, VL (as she is often addressed) also stood in front of cameras in Australia. Except from these two continents of the New World, she made a stop in Europe, as well, for a photo session with a famous French photographer Sylvain Bertrand. These photos were published in the French edition of Playboy magazine.

Promoting Fitness Products

Victoria has not forgotten her first love – fitness and trainings. Although she spends a lot of time traveling all over the world for photo sessions and fitness exhibitions, she still works out a lot to keep her body in a perfect shape. In addition to that, she is a face of such renowned manufacturers of body building products such as Team Revtech Power Nutrition and Team Hidetada Yamagishi.

She is also an active participant in numerous events organized by IFBB. If she was a different person, Victoria would set aside the whole body building context and go for more fame and money that modeling brings. It is a real pleasure to see that Victoria Lomba, no matter how successful she has become, still enjoys working out. One of the things she still does is making fitness videos to show her admirers tricks and procedures that help her stay fit.